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About Us

The Dallas 24 Hour Club, Inc. is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides safe and sober transitional housing for men and women who are seeking recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. In April 1969, The 24 Hour Club was founded in a donated office space for alcoholics to have a place to meet 24 hours a day, hence our name. Today, we have grown to one of the largest single site sober transitional programs in the State of Texas and currently have the capacity to service up to 67 men and women at our Ross Avenue location. Our program focuses on the 12-step model of recovery and incorporates meeting attendance, sponsorship, and service work as part of the living guidelines. We also provide on-site drug and alcohol screening, life skills development, and structured productivity schedules for our residents to further increase chances for long term sobriety and independent living skills.

The main purposes of The 24 Club of Dallas, Inc. are to: (1) provide a place for 12-Step recovery groups to hold meetings; (2) provide a safe haven for people in recovery; (3) provide a venue for 12-Step fellowships to assist others in achieving sobriety; (4) provide shelter and housing for up to eighteen months per stay for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at a minimal cost; (5) act as a liaison between our residents in need and service agencies that might fulfill those needs; and (6) provide an environment to make those who want recovery or want to support recovery welcome.

The Dallas 24 Hour Club is open to the public for meeting attendance, service to our residents, information on recovery and our services, as well as our full service restaurant.

For more information regarding admissions, our facility, programs, or 12-Step meetings call our office (214)823-3200.

For current events, you may also visit our FACEBOOK site at www.facebook.com. Look for us under “dallas 24 hour club non-profit”