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Posted on May 17,
 You may have noticed the eight foot sign now in our front lawn. If you haven’t heard, we are in the midst of an aggressive fundraising campaign to raise enough money for a new building. This is a big step for the club, and we know that the current property has been near and dear to many of you. However, we’ve entered a new phase of service for the organization. Many more people need our help, and the Ross property is failing. If we don’t act now, we risk being forced to close our doors. We can’t let that happen. While we seek a new site, we are marketing our current building for sale. We aren’t moving anywhere yet, but the ball is rolling in that direction. Please visit our donation page and help in any way you can. Many people are depending upon it.

Thank You to our Pro Bono Professional Supporters!

The 24 is indebted to Kirk Williams and Tommy Vann of Winstead Law Firm who are providing key legal zoning advice and direction. Larry Good, principal at GFF, has already been of tremendous assistance in space planning and design. We also thank Transwestern Dallas and their brokers Tom Clark, Taylor Snoddye and ____ for marketing our property and searching for a new location. THANK YOU!!!!

Our Mission

Dallas 24 Hour Club provides a safe, sober transitional facility for those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction that they can call HOME as they work their recovery program and rebuild their lives.

Hillcrest and Constantin Foundations Become New Partners!

Dallas 24 Hour Club welcomes the Hillcrest Foundation and the Constantin Foundation as our newest financial Capital Campaign partners! We thank them for their generous support which is bringing us closer to our achieving our goals to secure a newer facility. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  


"We are very grateful to the Rowling family and their foundation for their generous gift and endorsement of our mission to acquire new Dallas 24 Hour Club. This support, coming from a family known for supporting effective ministries and charitable organizations, will help us build momentum and credibility with similar foundations. Their contribution has definitely rocketed us down the path toward expanding the capabilities of the 24."

What people are saying

“As a professional in the addiction recovery field, I can attest to the absolute necessity for the Dallas 24 Hour Club residential program. Often times, men and women meet their readiness for recovery at a point in their lives that they are left penniless and without support or direction to begin a journey of rebuilding and redemption. This program offers an option to these individuals, and I refer men and women to the club frequently as the best starting point to meet their needs. Additionally, I know the staff overseeing this program does so with a passion and selflessness unmatched in today’s addiction treatment industry.”
comment_user_32 - Jordan L.
After volunteering at the 24 hr Club, I received thanks for giving back to the community. The experience totally changed my perspective of the holiday. Instead of giving thanks for what I’ve got, I got thanks for what I gave. Thank you 24 Hour Club, for giving me my son.
Gale V. (Mother of Aaron)
The 24 has been my son’s life saver. At a time in his life, after rehab, when he knew he couldn’t stay clean on his own, the 24 was there. He has been able to attend meetings, have meals, and a place to live free from the temptations that addicts throw his way. I knew for the first time, my son was safe and able to recreate a clean life. I am forever grateful for the 24!
Michelle P. (Mother of Jeremiah)
The 24 hr Club to me has meant family. I have met the God of my understanding here and recovery remaining clear & sober with a lot of support & good sponsorship. Body, mind & spirit have connected and helped me learn to be a useful member of society, remembering what it was like out three helps me, help the new woman coming into this 24 hr family
Amy S. (Resident)
The 24 helped me with a complete transformation not only from my obsession with alcohol & drugs but with a complete change with my attitude towards life and living it.
Bridgette H. (Resident)
There’s a war upon us, a spiritual warfare, a battle being fought for the souls of mankind. There’s a safe haven for the soldiers on the firing line. A place we bring our wounded, our broken, to find healing and gather strength, that place to me is the 24!!
Amy M. (Resident)
The Dallas 24 hr club has been profoundly key to maintaining my soberity after rehab. Its helped me to recover my life skills as well as allowed me to feel like I belong to a family and treat me as a family member
Jeremiah M. (Resident)
When my life was in utter chaos, and I had no other place to go, there was the 24 hour club. It gives me a safe place to the work necessary to get my life back in order, and to recover mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually.
Scot C. (Resident)
The 24hr club has taught me a new way to view the world, and given me a new design for living and without that, its like breathing underwater…it hurts.
Danny N. (Resident)

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  • Thanksgiving 2013

    The club was filled with gratitude once again this year. Hundreds of our friends, family, and neighbors joined us for a great turkey dinner. We are very blessed to have received generous donations from Jim V. and Kim which made this dinner possible. Thank you to the many community members and supporters who have brought [...]

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  • What If

    If the 24 Hour Club didn’t exist, we would have to create it. When an alcoholic finally reaches bottom to and ends up being grateful for a cot on the floor at the 24 Hour Club, recovery can begin. When asking for help at that exact moment in an alcoholic’s life, he or she has [...]

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  • July 4th Party

    The Dallas 24 Hour Club Annual 4th of July Cookout was a success once agan. The residents of the 24 Hour Club program enjoyed a great meal with fun and fellowship that included members of the surrounding community. We would like to express our special thanks and appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Alan Darver, Mr. John [...]

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  • Gratitude

    When I came to the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, I didn’t believe that what they said was true. I came to the 24 Hour Club with apprehension and I quickly found that I was surrounded by people just like me. I turned my will (Thoughts) and life (Actions) over to a power greater than myself, [...]

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  • rock bottom

    Last Resort

    For years I passed the 24 Hour Club on Ross Avenue and wondered about the place. So the other day I spent 24 hours there. It’s not exactly a weekend resort. More of a “last resort.” The 24 Hour Club is a scruffy facility for people making a last-ditch fight against drugs and alcohol. It’s [...]

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